UI / UX Design

About the App

People’s habits have changed a lot over the last decades, technology played a major role in it. We know can order food in our busy life without leaving the house. Why not doing it from bed then ? Lake of time to prepare breakfast ?
The purpose of the CoffeeCentral app is delivering food from Breakfast to Dinner ! With a user friendly way.



For me, a pen and a paper are my best friends while drawing wireframes,
I use them a lot in the early stage of development process in order to create the basic structure
of an app before any visual design and content is added.



UI Design

Choosing colors, fonts and feel of all the thematic could be a delicate but extremely impactful in the perception of the user. Every color, every icon and every animation symbolizes something in the everyday use of the app.


Font used is Montserrat with it’s Light, Regular, Medium and Bold sizes.


Colors are chosen based on a client demande, after a brainstorming about hot/cold colors and its signification in food industry


So after all the work done, researching and analysing what my client want, I came up with the simple yet user friendly design, I’ve added some icons to guide the users in an interactive way. I’ll leave you with the screens :

That’s all folks !

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